Performance Sample Video Information



Are auditions required for admittance to ASTA/NJ CMI?
Auditions are NOT required of new applicants to the ASTA/NJ CMI.  A performance sample video is recommended at the time of registration in order to facilitate ensemble placement.

What is a “performance video sample” and who needs to submit one?
A performance sample video is a video featuring the applicant performing two contrasting solos, etudes, or excerpts.  This video should be posted to a host site, such as YouTube, and then shared with ASTA/NJCMI Director, Jhi-eun Gu.

Submitting your performance sample video
In order for us to see your performance sample video, you must create your own YouTube channel, upload your performance sample video and then share the video’s URL where prompted in the application. Instructions on how to create your own YouTube channel can be found here.